Talking Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words . . . a picture plus the words is priceless!

Do you have…

…photos of family members but no stories to go with them?

…memories of loved ones that you want to make sure are preserved as a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and future generations?

…living parents or grandparents and want to capture their stories, life lessons, and experiences before it’s too late?

…stories of your own that you want to share with your family now and preserve as a legacy?

Introducing “Talking Photos”

Through our “Talking Photos” program, you or other family members have the opportunity to make sure your family’s stories are not lost forever.  When you combine your special photos with recorded stories that go with them, both the photos and the stories come alive.

There might be only a handful of people alive who knew the people in some of your photos.  Are you or a family member one of them?  Captions are not enough.  Imagine preserving the stories hidden in those photos and hearing your voice or the voice of a loved one sharing those stories. It’s magical!

And just as you cherish photos of your family’s ancestors and long for their stories, remember that you and your family members today are the ancestors of the future.  Will you take the time to preserve your own special photos and stories for future generations?

How to Get Started

Option 1:  Do-It-Yourself

Record your own ‘Talking Photos’ that combine photos and recorded stories. Create lasting family treasures using an exciting app that makes it easy. Watch for the upcoming free “6 Easy Steps to Create Talking Photos . . . Anytime . . . Anywhere . . . and Never Miss Another Story Again.”

Option 2:  We work directly with you to . . . 

  • Identify the photos you want to include
  • Scan the photos if we are meeting in person or upload your photos
  • Record the stories in your own voice or the voice of a loved one
  • Store your “Talking Photos” to preserve them and to share with others.
Let’s get started! Contact me today to learn more about ‘Talking Photos’. or 678-386-1651
Gift certificates available.
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What They’re Saying…

Writing my stories showed me how "big" a life I've led…with many experiences, much internal growth, and high points as well as low. I appreciated getting to know myself on this highly intimate level. I also learned, through writing my stories, how to be much kinder and more accepting of myself. My children and extended family will know me better as a result.

Jennifer I.
Delray Beach, FL