Stories from a Lifetime

Capturing the Stories of Your Life in Writing . . . One Story at a Time

  • Do you regret that you didn’t capture the stories of a loved one and now it’s too late?
  • Have you been meaning to write about the stories and experiences of your own life, but just haven’t gotten around to it?
  • Do you want to make sure your family’s stories are preserved and passed down for future generations, before it’s too late?

Writing the stories of your life allows your loved ones to get to know you based on your life experiences, and it gives future generations a glimpse into the person whose name appears on the family tree. It’s a gift to yourself and your loved ones that becomes the link connecting past and future generations.

Are you already thinking “I’m not a writer, and I wouldn’t even know where to start.”? Keep reading . . .


The Guided Autobiography Method

Using a method called Guided Autobiography (GAB), you’ll be guided through a process to capture the stories and experiences of your life in writing – in your own words – two pages at a time.  No writing experienced is required. GAB uses themes and priming questions to help you choose which stories you want to write about. Rather than focusing on the chronology of your life, GAB helps you to focus on your personal stories and experiences based on universal life themes such as branching points and family.

The Guided Autobiography approach combines writing your stories with an interactive forum for sharing your stories in small group settings. You enrich others by sharing your stories with the group, and you are enriched in return by hearing theirs. The interaction makes it fun, while creating a written legacy for family, friends, and future generations.

The GAB method allows you to…

  • Easily organize your life stories – one theme at a time
  • Write your stories – two pages at a time, without any writing skills
  • Share your stories, experiences and life lessons with family and friends and as part of your legacy for future generations
  • Give your memories context and meaning – gaining new perspective and bringing them to life from today’s vantage point

How to Get Started

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  • Start a Guided Autobiography for your organization of circle of friends.
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What They’re Saying…

Writing my stories showed me how "big" a life I've led…with many experiences, much internal growth, and high points as well as low. I appreciated getting to know myself on this highly intimate level. I also learned, through writing my stories, how to be much kinder and more accepting of myself. My children and extended family will know me better as a result.

Jennifer I.
Delray Beach, FL