Letters from a Lifetime Program

Guides you through the process of writing a meaningful message from your heart to one person or to many loved ones – in your own words – that expresses your core values, life lessons, wisdom, gratitude or love. Someone who is an important part of your life now wants to hear your words while you are here to share them, and those who come after you will long to hear your words in the future.

  • Workshops – Register for one of our upcoming workshops or host one just for your organization or group
  • Inspiring presentation to your organization or group introducing the concept of writing legacy letters and providing ideas and tips on creating and sharing the gift of a lifetime

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Talking Photos

Through our ‘Talking Photos’ program, you or other family members have the opportunity to make sure your family’s stories are not lost forever. When you combine your special photos with recorded stories that go with them, both the photos and the stories come alive. It’s magical!

There might be only a handful of people alive who knew the people in some of your photos. Are you or a family member one of them? Will you take the time to preserve your own special photos and stories for future generations?

  • Do It Yourself – Use the legacy app to create your own ‘Talking Photos’ that combine photos and recorded stories. Then order Pict-Oral Memoir archival DVDs whenever you want, to preserve your ‘Talking Photos’ and create lasting family treasures.
  • Private Sessions – Work with me personally to identify photos you want to include, record the stories in your own voice or the voice of a loved one, and create a Pict-Oral Memoir archival DVD as a family treasure

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Stories from a Lifetime

In this six-week workshop, the Guided Autobiography (GAB) approach combines writing your stories with an interactive forum for sharing your stories in small group settings. GAB uses themes and questions to help you choose which stories you want to write about – in your own words, two pages at a time. You enrich others by sharing your stories with the group, and you are enriched in return by hearing theirs. The interaction makes it fun while creating a written legacy for family, friends, and future generations.

  • Start a GAB group workshop for your organization or circle of friends with as few as six participants.
  • Sponsor a GAB group workshop for your organization, at an independent living or retirement community, or in the general community to ensure that the stories of our time are not lost forever.

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Introduction to Guided Autobiography: Writing Stories of Your Life . . . One Story at a Time
June 15, June 24, July 18, July 24

Ruthanne on the Radio

Listen to Ruthanne as a guest on the Veterans With a View radio show, on The Better You Network.  Listen here

Listen to Ruthanne as a guest on the Aging Beautifully Today radio show, on The Better You Network.  Listen here

What They’re Saying…

Writing my stories showed me how "big" a life I've led…with many experiences, much internal growth, and high points as well as low. I appreciated getting to know myself on this highly intimate level. I also learned, through writing my stories, how to be much kinder and more accepting of myself. My children and extended family will know me better as a result.

Jennifer I.
Delray Beach, FL