Letters from a Lifetime

  • Do you long for words of wisdom or love from a loved one who is no longer here to tell you?
  • Is there a special message you want to share with a child, a grandchild, a parent, or a friend?
  • Have you thought about writing a lasting legacy of values and wisdom to pass on?

A legacy letter is a message from your heart – in your own words – that expresses your core values, life lessons, wisdom, gratitude or love.

Capture the Journey’s ‘Letters From a Lifetime’ program guides you through the process of writing a meaningful message to one person or to many loved ones – from your heart to theirs.  Your ‘Letters From a Lifetime’ become gifts of a lifetime.

The messages you share can be given at any point along your life journey. They can be more meaningful to friends and family than any material possession you could give them now or bequeath to them in the future. Someone who is an important part of your life now wants to hear your words while you are here to share them and will cherish them in the future.  Those who come after you will long to hear your words.

Who should write a legacy letter? Consider creating one if you…

  • Are a parent or grandparent, regardless of your child’s or grandchild’s age
  • Have a child leaving for college or entering the military
  • Have recently become an empty-nester
  • Are facing a serious illness or end of life at any age, or know someone who is
  • Have a child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or friend experiencing a life cycle event, such as a marriage, bar/bat mitzvah or confirmation, or new baby
  • Want to express gratitude to a parent, mentor, friend, or family member who has influenced your life

How to Get Started

  • Register for a ‘Letters From a Lifetime’ workshop, where you’ll receive the instruction, support and inspiration to clarify what’s most important to you and create a meaningful and lasting message from your heart, in your own words. Want to be notified about the next workshop in the Atlanta area? Send me a quick email at Ruthanne@CapturetheJourney.com.
  • Host a ‘Letters From a Lifetime’ workshop for your church, synagogue, organization or personal group. I will come to you to present a workshop just for your members. Contact me directly to discuss options available.
  • Request an inspiring presentation for your group or organization.

Are you waiting for ‘someday’?  Your ‘someday’ is here.

Avoid the regret.  We can get started today!

Where’s Ruthanne at upcoming events…

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Ruthanne on the Radio

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What They’re Saying…

Writing my stories showed me how "big" a life I've led…with many experiences, much internal growth, and high points as well as low. I appreciated getting to know myself on this highly intimate level. I also learned, through writing my stories, how to be much kinder and more accepting of myself. My children and extended family will know me better as a result.

Jennifer I.
Delray Beach, FL